Questions about Immigration?

Evelyn Zapantis is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.  As such, she is authorized to offer guidance on eligibility requirements and assistance in navigating the various processes.  Evelyn has worked with international students for decades and offers a full slate of immigration information and advice on such topics as studying in Canada, Canadian citizenship, business immigration, family sponsorship, and… Read more »

Choosing a College or University

At every turn on the road in the modern world, we are faced with too many choices. There are too many types of toothpaste, too many models of cars, too many banks, and too many choices when we go to buy a pair of gym shoes. It seems that the same degree of choice is… Read more »

What Should I Study? – Part II – The Hungry Brain!

The high school student who knows exactly what s/he wants to study in college or university and has a solid rationale for the path chosen is a rare find. Such a student has often been interested, even mesmerized or obsessed with a given subject since elementary school. Some of these students are involved in activities… Read more »

What Should I Study? – Part III – Visible Excitement!

The largest group of students leaving high school and bound for college or university are not those taking a GAP year before entering post-secondary programs, nor the hungry brains who’ve known since they were six years old what they want to do. The largest group is the group who are visibly excited about the entire… Read more »

What Should I Study – Part I – The Gap Year

(Or…..Maybe you shouldn’t go to university or college right away!) At typical high school graduate has various post-secondary worries during his or her graduation year. Will my marks be high enough to get into university? Am I going to be able to pay for my degree? Will I be able to adjust to college life?… Read more »

Life is About Action

(For those recently graduated from universities and colleges) The vast majority of the world’s population is not as well educated as you are. Having learned how to think about, write about, and discuss great ideas, and having wondered and thought about a wide variety of issues and theories for the past four years, you now… Read more »

Harvard Wants SPARK

The name ‘Harvard’ arises more often than that of any other North American university when the topic of quality comes up for discussion.  It is widely felt that Harvard is “as good as it gets”.  By any measure, Harvard is a great university.  The question for you to consider is whether or not Harvard is… Read more »

Hold on to Your Dream!

At, we believe in young people.  We believe that young people hold the promise of the future and that they must be encouraged to follow their dreams, respect their own educational objectives and search for inspiration outside the educational box they are used to. You know what excites you; you know what you want… Read more »

What We Do

For Students – helps students to find and evaluate post-secondary choices that meet their needs.  Sometimes, students need help with the application forms for Canada, the USA, or universities abroad.  YBU can give students valuable advice regarding a wide variety of application issues including how to write good application essays.  Many students also need… Read more »