• Acadia University

    Nova Scotia, Canada

This university is one of the jewels in the Canadian post-secondary crown.  Acadia’s 3500 students enjoy life in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in the heart of some of Canada’s most historically significant geography.  From the magnificent tides of the Bay of Fundy to Fort Anne and Annapolis Royal, the land which gave rise to Longfellow’s Evangeline sparkles with both grandeur and pastoral simplicity.  As an academic community, Acadia is widely respected for the intellectual prowess of its students and professors, its state-of-the-art biological research facilities, and its integration of computer technology into all areas of teaching and learning.  Acadia repeatedly places at the top end of the academic ranking of primarily undergraduate universities in Canada.

Students are treated like royalty in Wolfville, as the town’s population doubles overnight when the university semester begins in September.  The charming main street runs right by one side of the campus and students frequent its restaurants and pubs and use its commercial amenities.  Almost all of Acadia’s freshmen live in its residence system.