• International College of Hotel Management

    Adelaide, Australia

The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) offers both its own Bachelor of Business degree in Hotel Management and, in addition, the only Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) degree outside of Europe (Bachelor in International Hotel Management). Students can earn one degree in a 3-year program or both degrees in a 4-year program at ICHM.

Situated in the beautiful South Australian city of Adelaide, ICHM offers its students superb facilities, modern, attractive residences, and the best teaching methods in the world of hotel management. The ICHM and SHA degrees are based on the philosophy that a commitment to excellence and the finest education and training are essential for those people seeking the most sought after positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

ICHM students have the opportunity to work in the hotel industry in each year of study. By arrangement with the Australian government, students will also have the opportunity to work in Australia for two full years following the completion of their degree(s).