About YBU

For Students

YourBestUniversity.com helps students to find and evaluate post-secondary choices that meet their needs. Sometimes, students need help with the application forms for Canada, the USA, or universities abroad. YBU can give students valuable advice regarding a wide variety of application issues including how to write good application essays. Many students also need basic career advice and YBU also provides this type of help. If you’d like advice about college or university choices, go directly to our Online Student Information Form. If we visit your school, YBU will spend time with you and your classmates solving the mysteries of college and university application, helping you work out a way to choose a university, and answering your questions about how to apply.

“Thank you so much for putting such a great thorough description of schools together for me. Looking at these schools in more detail is making me even more excited to graduate and attend a post-secondary institution.”

Savannah, British Columbia high school student

For Parents

Parent Advisory Groups, and Grandparents – YourBestUniversity.com helps parents and grandparents understand the complexities of today’s post-secondary world. We help you to help your children and grandchildren to maximize their potential and find a ‘good fit’ university or college. We can help you with their transition to post-secondary life. We also make presentations to Parent Advisory Groups on these same topics.

“I felt like this process was very worthwhile. It opened my eyes to many possibilities that I had never considered before.” 

Katie, British Columbia high school student 

For High School Counsellors

If you are a high school counselor and you’re struggling with the maze that is post-secondary planning, YBU can help you. We can give you as much help as you need through email, over the phone or skype, person-to-person, or in a group setting with other counselors. All questions are valid and no concern too small. Ask us; we’ll help you. Consider our staff development/Pro-D presentation called “University Counseling 101”, which takes you through all the important elements of University Counseling you might need help with (planning your program, setting up college/university visits and getting the best out of them, working with parents, organizing and consolidating student services in your school, building your knowledge base, helping you to manage the task of writing reference letters, and using internet sources to cut down your work load). We also have advanced help modules in University Counseling for you and your students concerning universities in the UK and Ireland, USA universities, Australian universities and universities in the Netherlands.

“This is a great idea! It would have been really helpful to have something like this when I was choosing where to go for university.”  L.E., Vassar College

For School Principals and School Boards

Principals and School Boards want their high school students to feel empowered by information that solves problems and helps them reach their potential. YBU can help your counseling professionals to come to greater and more detailed knowledge regarding post-secondary planning and we can give them increased confidence in their work. Students, parents, and the counselors themselves will all appreciate this. YBU visits schools to work with students, parents, counselors and administrators.

“Jake Humphries has been a substantial asset to the Student Services department at The Bishop Strachan School.  Jake has acted as a consultant to our counsellors, for whom his broad and ready knowledge of the shifting landscape of North American universities and colleges has been very valuable.  In a strategic capacity, Jake has helped us establish our vision for a 21st century university counselling and his advice has been thorough and prescient.  He brings wisdom, practicality and good humour to all his work.”  

Dr. Angela Terpstra, Principal of Middle School and Senior School, The Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Canada.

“With the advent of our fully integrated Global Leadership Program, we were looking for expert advice about what universities and colleges around the world would be the most natural continuation for the graduates of our program. Once engaged, Jake Humphries thoroughly researched our program and came well prepared to make the most of 2 full days on campus. His final report provided both insight and advice into our counselling services as well as detailed recommendations on how to best enhance our relationship with national and international post-secondary institutions.  In addition, he incorporated suggested collaborations with colleges specializing in innovation and global leadership.   Mr. Humphries’ executive summary and final report have provided us with the foundation to develop our own 5-year post-secondary strategy, something we could never have done in such a timely manner without his advice, insights and support.”

Mr. Peter Sturrup and Dr. Stephen Johnson, Pickering College, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

“As part of our new strategic plan we were looking to update our student services model. Upon arrival at our school it was clear that Jake not only understood our programme but also our needs. His meetings with faculty, students, parents, and Alumni allowed him to make some insightful recommendations which we have been able to implement. His report has been invaluable as we look to bolster our counselling services.  We continue to find Jake a valuable resource as we develop our student services model. He is approachable, very knowledgeable and has such a strong understanding of the needs of the students as they prepare for life beyond high school.” – Deryn Lavell, Head of School, and James Anthony, Director of Senior School, Saltus Grammar School, Bermuda

For Colleges and Universities

Universities and colleges want a steady flow of mission-appropriate students to populate their programs. It’s not easy, given the competition for students. YBU understands high school students and knows the type of information they’re looking for as well as the formats of information they access most readily. YBU can help you modify and improve your communication strategies with high school students.

John Humphries

John (Jake) Humphries is a teacher, administrator, and counsellor of 35 years’ experience.  He has assisted hundreds of students in both the public and independent school systems in British Columbia to define and pursue their passions and to find ‘good fit’ places in post-secondary institutions in Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Asia, and the Netherlands.  Mr. Humphries has visited 100+ universities and colleges in these countries and offers students, parents, counsellors, and post-secondary institutions a deep understanding of the choices and processes involved in bringing remarkable young people into the learning communities of excellent educational institutions.  Mr. Humphries works in admissions and career education at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, where he was a university counsellor for fifteen years.  He operates Yourbestuniversity.com in his holiday and summer breaks but also provides some services during the school year.

Director, YBU

Director, YBU


Consulting at YourBestUniversity.com is billed at a rate of $75.00 per hour across all services.  The maximum daily charge is $800.00.

Some of our work is done over email, telephone, and skype. When travel is required, clients pay travel costs.  Travel costs are negotiable and shareable across multiple clients in certain circumstances.  Please call us at 250-590-1046 to request more information.